Trampoline Safety Tip Number Two

Ok, this is a fairly simple safety tip, but often ignored…

Safety Tip Two: Use A Trampoline Enclosure.

Nowadays, a lot of trampolines are sold with enclosures, which is a great way to encourage their use. Yes, it does feel like a bit like you’re jumping inside a room, but that’s a small price to pay for added safety.

If you don’t want to get or use a safety enclosure (i’m not sure why that would be), then another way to make a trampoline safer is to dig a hole for the trampoline legs to sink down into. By doing that, you’ll decrease the potential fall distance and make the trampoline safer. Do be sure to leave enough room under the trampoline for it to be clear of the ground when in use.

Enjoy your trampoline, and be safe!