Trampoline Safety Tip Number Six

This is a simple safety tip…

Safety Tip Number Six: Perform Regular Safety Checks

It only takes one problem with your trampoline for accidents to happen. Be vigilant and look for potential problems such as the padding moving around and exposing the springs, straps loosening on the safety enclosure which could cause it not to work properly, corrosion or rust on the main body of the trampoline meaning it should be repaired or replaced, wearing of the stitching holding the springs onto the jump mat.

All of these things and more can be detected with a quick inspection of your trampoline prior to each use. Yes, it can be a minor inconvenience to do a safety check on your trampoline each time, but isn’t that minor inconvenience insignificant compared to the feeling of knowing you did the inspection and your kids can play safely? When set against the trauma of an accident, it’s no big deal to check the trampoline regularly, right? So be sure to train yourself so that when your kids ask to go on the trampoline, you’re response is, “just let me check it a minute“.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and that’s applicable to this situation. We want you to enjoy your trampolines safely, so please use the safety tips published at this website.