Trampoline Safety Tip Number One

At Acrobat Trampolines we want you to have a wonderful, safe time on your trampoline, so we present the first in a series of safety tips…

Safety Tip Number One: No Somersaults

The most important safety tip I can think of is that you know before getting on a trampoline not to do somersaults unless you’re already skilled. Most people seem to think that trampoline injuries are a result of falling off the trampoline, when in fact, most injuries are a result of bad attempts at somersaults. This misconception gives rise to the problem of people thinking that if they have a safetly enclosure, they’re “safe”, when they’re not.

Don’t get me wrong, safety enclosures are a very good idea and we recommend using them. However, they will not prevent you from getting injured if you attempt a “head over heels” and get it wrong, land on your neck and suffer paralysis. Please, don’t attempt somersaults on trampolines unless you are skilled. This one safety tip could be the difference between enjoying your trampoline for a lifetime, or a nasty injury.

Look for more trampoline safety tips in the future.