Trampoline Safety Tip Number Four

Here’s our latest trampoline safety tip…

Safety Tip Four: Site The Trampoline On Level Grass With Padding

OK, you may be thinking, “well, of course”, but you’d be surprised at how many people place their trampolines on concrete. It only takes one fall through an incorrectly set up safety enclosure onto concrete to be either fatal or very serious. Don’t take the risk. Set up your trampoline on grass because it will allow the body to distribute the shock of impact better than a solid surface. If possible,¬†use¬†cushioning for 6-feet (2 metres) around the trampoline… you can either use foam padding or throw a few sacks of bark chips on top of the grass. As long as you’re adding “springiness”, you’ll cushion the blow of anything falling onto it. Of course, if you want the grass to survive, you’ll need to do a bit of maintenance and periodically move the bark chips so the grass can get sunlight.

Another important safety factor to bear in mind is that the grass is level. You don’t want people bouncing on your trampoline and it rocking unsteadily from side to side because the graound is uneven, you’ll be risking it tipping over.

We hope our safety tips help you enjoy safe trampolining!