Trampoline Safety Tip Number Five

This is a commonly-ignored safety tip. I don’t know why, but if people just abided by this one tip there’d be a lot less accidents…

Safety Tip Number Five: One Person On The Trampoline

There are two very good reasons for this tip. Firstly, more than one person on a trampoline will cause balance problems for everyone on it because the trampoline mat will form contours as the people are bouncing up and down. If you land on a contour, or while the mat is coming up when you expect it to be moving down, you’ll be thrown in an unexpected direction at an unexpected speed.

How many times have you seen a young child on a trampoline jump up and down and be thrown in an unexpected direction by landing in the contours formed by a larger person? Invariably, the little person falls over. If they fall into the space where the larger person is jumping, there’s a large chance of an accident, with the child most likely to get seriously hurt. Read how a child got hurt in a similar accident here.

The second reason for this safety tip is simply that with more than one person on the trampoline, there’s a chance of collisions with the other people, making accidents much more likely. If you take the precaution of padding the springs and sharp edges of the trampoline, why would you then let your children use it with the sharp edges of elbows and knees of other people flying around near them?