Acrobat 10ft Trampoline With Enclosure

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Acrobat 10ft trampoline package
Acrobat 10ft trampoline package

It’s great to let your kids enjoy themselves on a trampoline, but even better to know they’re safe because your Acrobat 10ft trampoline came with a free safety enclosure. In fact, the supplier we recommend here at AcrobatTrampolines respects safe trampolining so much that they don’t ever sell trampolines without safety enclosures. For our part, we don’t recommend any trampolines being sold without enclosures, and we also provide trampoline safety tips.

So, why should you get a 10ft Acrobat trampoline with enclosure instead of a different size, or different manufacturer? Well, quite simply, Acrobat trampolines are produced to the highest standard and include such touches as ten rows of stitches to join the polypropylene jump map to the 72 springs which are themselves made of 3.2 mm steel. Need more details? Well, the steel frame of the trampoline is 1.6mm and galvanised both inside and out to prevent rust and corrosion. Also, there’s safety padding covering the springs and their connection to the jump map, for total protection. When you buy the 10ft trampoline from our recommended supplier you also get a weather-protection cover, a ladder and a spring tensioning tool in addition to the safety enclosure and, as icing on the cake, free next day delivery to most of the UK.

If you’re getting a trampoline for your children or adults up to 19 stone, the standard 10ft Acrobat trampoline will suffice. However, if you’re going to buy for larger adults, you may want to get the Plus trampoline which has more springs and a frame with thicker steel.

Acrobat 8ft Trampoline Review

This post was most recently updated on March 13th, 2018

acrobat 8ft trampoline
acrobat 8ft trampoline

Ahh, isn’t it cute? The eight-foot (8ft) Acrobat trampoline is the smallest in the range… ideal for those of us with small gardens who want a place for the kids to play and get some exercise but without totally sacrificing the garden!

We’ve already reviewed the Acrobat Plus trampolines, so in this review we’ll focus on the standard model.

So what do you get for your money? Well, you’ll get a sturdy and safe trampoline for huge amounts of outdoor fun for the whole family!

Sturdy Trampoline Frame

This trampoline is made from 1.6mm galavansied steel (both inside and out), for long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion while being strong enough to support adults of up to 19 stone safely. The 8ft frame gives a large 6′ 8″ jumping area on the polypropylene mat, which is elastic enough to be bouncy for young and old users alike, without stretching. The bounce mat is held in place by 60 steel springs which are made of 3.2 mm steel and secured to the mat by ten layers of stitching. This is one safe and secure trampoline!

Safety First

We have your safety at the front of our minds when recommending  trampolines. Our supplier only sells trampolines complete with safety enclosures, safety ladder, spring tensioning tool, sturdy frames, tough stitching and safety padding covering the springs. We want you to have years of fun from your 8ft Acrobat trampoline!

Buying Details

You can place your order with our supplier for free next day delivery to most of the UK. Don’t forget, the price includes that all-important safety enclosure as well as the other freebies such as the weather cover, ladder and spring tensioning tool in a complete trampoline package.

Acrobat 12ft Trampoline Review

This post was most recently updated on March 13th, 2018

Acrobat 12ft Trampoline
Acrobat 12ft Trampoline

The Acrobat 12ft trampoline is a great beginners trampoline. Whether you get the 12ft standard version, which is great for both kids and adults, or the 12ft “plus” version, which has stronger steel construction and more springs for heavier adults, you’ll be guaranteed to get a top quality trampoline which will provide huge enjoyment for many years to come.

When you get your 12ft Acrobat trampoline through our recommended supplier, you’ll also get a free safety enclosure, safety net, spring tensioning tool and ladder. It’s very important to take safety precautions when using a trampoline, so the supplier we recommend does not sell trampolines without a protective safety enclosure, which we feel is the right policy!

12ft Acrobat Trampolines

Acrobat are one of the most trusted names in trampolines. Every part of the trampoline is top quality, from the steel frame which is galvanised inside and out, to the polypropylene mat, the steel springs and the sturdy safety enclosure. There’s even ten rows of stitching to ensure the springs are held securely in place.

For the heavier adult users, there’s the option to buy the 12ft “plus” trampoline from Acrobat which has a 2mm steel construction and more springs. The “plus” trampolines give more bounce than the standard ones, but require more weight to generate momentum, so aren’t suitable for children.

When you buy the Acrobat 12 ft trampoline from our recommended supplier, you’ll also get free next day delivery to most of the UK. The current offer price represents a 50% saving and is the best price we’ve seen!

Acrobat PLUS Trampoline Review

This post was most recently updated on March 13th, 2018


In the Acrobat trampoline range there are two types of trampolines, the regular ones and the Acrobat PLUS ones, which are more expensive. In this review we look at the differences between the two types and also who they’re more suited to.

What’s the difference between the regular and PLUS trampolines?

Basically, the size of the trampolines in the different ranges are the same, they both come as 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft. Where they differ is in the size of the steel tubing used for the trampoline frame and the number of springs which attach the trampoline mat to the frame. For the Acrobat PLUS trampolines, the frames are constructed from 1.8mm steel instead of the 1.5mm steel used for the regular Acrobat trampolines and there are anything from 6 more springs (on the 8ft model) to 24 more springs (on the 14ft model).

Who should get the Acrobat PLUS range of trampolines?

As the PLUS trampolines are more ridged and contain more springs, the PLUS trampolines are naturally more suited to adults and older children. You’ll get more bounce from a PLUS trampoline, but they require more effort to begin bouncing, which young children may struggle with.

How much more do Acrobat PLUS trampolines cost?

Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of cost difference between the standard and PLUS versions of Acrobat trampolines. For the 8ft and 10ft models, the difference is just £10. For the 12ft model it’s £20 and for the 14ft model, which has 24 more springs, it’s £60. We recommend you buy whichever model is right for you based on which is more suitable for the users of the trampolines rather than the cost. That way you’ll get much more enjoyment from the trampoline. Don’t forget, all the Acrobat trampolines we recommend come with free safety enclosures, safety net, ladder, weather cover, spring tensioning tools AND next day delivery!

Acrobat Trampolines

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Where To Get Acrobat Trampolines?

acrobat 8ft trampoline

Devon-based retailer Trampoline Warehouse is a supplier of Acrobat trampolines of all sizes and specifications so you have a wide choice depending on your requirements. With size options from 8ft to 14ft plus a number of extras, there’s an Acrobat trampoline to suit even the smallest outdoor space and keep active children (and grown-ups!) happy. All Acrobat trampolines are supplied with a variety of practical features which enhance the product’s safety and quality credentials.

Acrobat Trampoline Safety Features

Constructed using a galvanised steel frame which is surprisingly light, each trampoline offers real strength and flexibility. This frame is designed using a T-bar construction system which minimises weak spots, and the permeable polypropylene mat, both strong and durable, is held in place by a number of carefully calibrated responsive springs, designed to produce the best ‘bounce’ whatever the weight of the user! For added longevity, each spring is held in place by no fewer than 10 lines of heavy duty stitching. For the safety-conscious, each trampoline is supplied with a protective foam pad designed to shield the springs and the gaps around the mat; and, as Trampoline Warehouse never supplies products without the addition of a netted safety enclosure, you can purchase safe in the knowledge that users are further safeguarded against accidents.

Picking The Right Acrobat Trampoline For You

Of course, each trampoline differs slightly in terms of strength and specification. Young children will find the smallest model more than adequate, with a total diameter of 8ft, although it’s fair to say that adults may also be tempted and, with a capacity of 19 stone, anything is possible; however, the range is priced so reasonably that you may wish to consider a larger model suited to older children or larger groups. Both the smallest, 8ft, trampoline, and the largest, 14ft model, are also available in an ‘Acrobat plus’ format, which offers a sturdier frame and will accommodate weights of up to 24 stone. So there’s something in the Acrobat range for children both young and old! The retailer offers a number of free extras with every purchase including a spring adjustment tool, ladder and trampoline cover; all products are also warranted against defective parts or workmanship. Your purchase is backed up by a secure online payment facility and free trackable courier delivery; with a next-day guarantee and reasonable pricing, all that’s left is to choose the size and get bouncing!