Acrobat PLUS Trampoline Review

This post was most recently updated on March 13th, 2018


In the Acrobat trampoline range there are two types of trampolines, the regular ones and the Acrobat PLUS ones, which are more expensive. In this review we look at the differences between the two types and also who they’re more suited to.

What’s the difference between the regular and PLUS trampolines?

Basically, the size of the trampolines in the different ranges are the same, they both come as 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft. Where they differ is in the size of the steel tubing used for the trampoline frame and the number of springs which attach the trampoline mat to the frame. For the Acrobat PLUS trampolines, the frames are constructed from 1.8mm steel instead of the 1.5mm steel used for the regular Acrobat trampolines and there are anything from 6 more springs (on the 8ft model) to 24 more springs (on the 14ft model).

Who should get the Acrobat PLUS range of trampolines?

As the PLUS trampolines are more ridged and contain more springs, the PLUS trampolines are naturally more suited to adults and older children. You’ll get more bounce from a PLUS trampoline, but they require more effort to begin bouncing, which young children may struggle with.

How much more do Acrobat PLUS trampolines cost?

Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of cost difference between the standard and PLUS versions of Acrobat trampolines. For the 8ft and 10ft models, the difference is just £10. For the 12ft model it’s £20 and for the 14ft model, which has 24 more springs, it’s £60. We recommend you buy whichever model is right for you based on which is more suitable for the users of the trampolines rather than the cost. That way you’ll get much more enjoyment from the trampoline. Don’t forget, all the Acrobat trampolines we recommend come with free safety enclosures, safety net, ladder, weather cover, spring tensioning tools AND next day delivery!