Acrobat 8ft Trampoline Review

This post was most recently updated on March 13th, 2018

acrobat 8ft trampoline
acrobat 8ft trampoline

Ahh, isn’t it cute? The eight-foot (8ft) Acrobat trampoline is the smallest in the range… ideal for those of us with small gardens who want a place for the kids to play and get some exercise but without totally sacrificing the garden!

We’ve already reviewed the Acrobat Plus trampolines, so in this review we’ll focus on the standard model.

So what do you get for your money? Well, you’ll get a sturdy and safe trampoline for huge amounts of outdoor fun for the whole family!

Sturdy Trampoline Frame

This trampoline is made from 1.6mm galavansied steel (both inside and out), for long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion while being strong enough to support adults of up to 19 stone safely. The 8ft frame gives a large 6′ 8″ jumping area on the polypropylene mat, which is elastic enough to be bouncy for young and old users alike, without stretching. The bounce mat is held in place by 60 steel springs which are made of 3.2 mm steel and secured to the mat by ten layers of stitching. This is one safe and secure trampoline!

Safety First

We have your safety at the front of our minds when recommending  trampolines. Our supplier only sells trampolines complete with safety enclosures, safety ladder, spring tensioning tool, sturdy frames, tough stitching and safety padding covering the springs. We want you to have years of fun from your 8ft Acrobat trampoline!

Buying Details

You can place your order with our supplier for free next day delivery to most of the UK. Don’t forget, the price includes that all-important safety enclosure as well as the other freebies such as the weather cover, ladder and spring tensioning tool in a complete trampoline package.