Acrobat 12ft Trampoline Review

This post was most recently updated on March 13th, 2018

Acrobat 12ft Trampoline
Acrobat 12ft Trampoline

The Acrobat 12ft trampoline is a great beginners trampoline. Whether you get the 12ft standard version, which is great for both kids and adults, or the 12ft “plus” version, which has stronger steel construction and more springs for heavier adults, you’ll be guaranteed to get a top quality trampoline which will provide huge enjoyment for many years to come.

When you get your 12ft Acrobat trampoline through our recommended supplier, you’ll also get a free safety enclosure, safety net, spring tensioning tool and ladder. It’s very important to take safety precautions when using a trampoline, so the supplier we recommend does not sell trampolines without a protective safety enclosure, which we feel is the right policy!

12ft Acrobat Trampolines

Acrobat are one of the most trusted names in trampolines. Every part of the trampoline is top quality, from the steel frame which is galvanised inside and out, to the polypropylene mat, the steel springs and the sturdy safety enclosure. There’s even ten rows of stitching to ensure the springs are held securely in place.

For the heavier adult users, there’s the option to buy the 12ft “plus” trampoline from Acrobat which has a 2mm steel construction and more springs. The “plus” trampolines give more bounce than the standard ones, but require more weight to generate momentum, so aren’t suitable for children.

When you buy the Acrobat 12 ft trampoline from our recommended supplier, you’ll also get free next day delivery to most of the UK. The current offer price represents a 50% saving and is the best price we’ve seen!